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                       Beach house for sale Philippines 


           Villa waterfront beach resort 

If you are looking for a beach house for sale Philippines or a beach house for rent Philippines than villa waterfront beach resort residences is the right place for you! 

On this website we bring you a selection of beautiful beach front houses for sale in Dauin, Negros Oriental Philippines. Located in the resort town of Dauin, Dumaguete Philippines a new two hectares beach front development is being launched named villa waterfront beach resort comprising of villa waterfront beach resort residences and villa waterfront beach resort.

The beach front house and near beach villas offered for sale and for rent on this website are located within villa waterfront beach residences. A total of maximum six beach houses will be constructed whereof four will be available as turnkey and two are being offered as build to order. The turnkey beach house for sale have two to four bedrooms with total floor areas from 80 to 300 square meters set on beautiful tropical beach front and near beach lots ranging from 430 to 2200 square meters. The built to order beach house will be constructed on a 570 sq.m. beach front lot and a 990 sq.m. near beach lot with beautiful ocean views.  

With nearly 7000 square meters of lush grounds villa waterfront beach residences will be an small and exclusive beach development offering buyers and residents and unique combination of residential living with four star resort amenity’s without compromising the privacy and residential feel. Villa waterfront beach residences will comprise 6 beach or near beach houses and  luxury beach condos. Villa waterfront beach residences will have access to villa waterfront beach resorts facility like oasis style swimming pools and private beach front area providing them luxury  resort facility’s.

The beach houses for sale can be used as a permanent beach retirement home or as a tropical beach vacation house that can provide its owners a source off  rental income when placed in the rental program of the beach resort. Foreign buyers will be able to register their beach house on their name and will lease the land from the holding company villa waterfront beach residences Inc.


In the 2nd phase of the development the small but exclusive Villa waterfront beach resort will be complete that will provide villa waterfront beach residents with additional facilities like restaurant, spa, sauna, gym and dive shop. Beach house and condo owners will be given the chance to invest in the resort which will provide them an addition income. With more than one hectare of beach front property and only four luxury one bedroom villas and two high end condos the resort will provide a residential feel combined with privacy and exclusivity. Four luxury one bedroom beach front villas with 70 square meters floor space will provide the resort guests exclusive accommodation. The resorts beach condos will have floor areas from 116 to 280 square meters with one to four bedrooms.  

Legal consideration 

In the Philippines foreign investors cannot hold land titles. Instead, investors own their villas at Villa Waterfront Resort Residences under a long term lease model. The lease is on a rolling 25 + 25 year basis. Buyers / investors of Private owned villa plots will have their name annotated on the plot title. This ensures that no matter what happens an investor’s ownership of their villa and legal lease of the land cannot be disputed 


 The beach front houses for sale in villa waterfront  beach residences Dauin, Philippines.

Available constructed turnkey beach houses and villas for sale.

Beach front house I1


 beach house for sale Dauin Philippines

 This beautiful beach front house is with its floor area of 300 square meters the biggest beach house of villa waterfront beach residences and is the ideal residential home for buyers who are looking for a residential feel combined with privacy and exclusivity. The beach villa provides its owners four bedrooms and three bathrooms on a 1 ½ floor layout. On the ground floor is the large living room with reception area and bar located, the living room provides access to a beautiful fully equipped kitchen that can be closed from the living room by a large sliding door. The living also gives access to a large master bedroom with walk in cabinet and a private bathroom with double sink, bathtub and separate shower cabin. The 2nd bedroom with private bathroom on the ground floor has a stunning view of the beach properties lush tropical garden and the ocean. The large covered ocean view terrace is about 40 meters from the beach and has amazing views of the tropical garden and the ocean. The 2nd floor can be reached by a beautiful staircase that leads you to a view deck and two extra bedrooms and a bathroom with shower. This amazing beach house is set on a large 2200 square meter fully landscaped beach front lot that gives is owners privacy and exclusivity. This beach property also includes a large 60 square meters car garage and utility room.

Beach house I1 is for sale at Php. 14.950.000,-  Photo Gallery



Beach house H2


This beautiful two bedroom beach house has a total floor area of 124 square meters and is set on a 660 square meters tropical landscaped plot. The house is about 100 meters for the beach and has a 16 square meters terrace facing the ocean.



Pool Villa G1

 beautiful vacation beach house for sale and rent in dauin philippines

 With a total floor area of eighty two square meters and set on beautiful 440 square meter private plot this villa is the ideal vacation house or 2nd home. With two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, an open plan living room with complete kitchen the villa offers all modern comfort of a residential house. All rooms have split type air conditioners and the villa has centralized warm water. This villa is located near the swimming pool and about 130 meters from the beach.

Php. 4.550.000,-                                                     Photo Gallery


 Ocean view villa D2

 beach house for sale located in the resort town of Dauin Philippines   Having the same design as villa G1 but with a total floor area of 106 square meters this ocean view villa is the perfect beach retirement or beach vacation home. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms combined with the open plan living and kitchen setup the villa provides all the comfort expected from a western standard house. The living area opens up to a large 24 square meters breezy and ocean view terrace overlooking most of the beach development. Split type air conditioners and centralized warm water system are included to provide all modern comfort.  

Php.: 5.350.000,-                                                          Photo Gallery


 Of plan beach house and villas 

Beach house H1

Lot H1 is reserved for the construction of a custom built beach house with a floor area of 120 to maximum 160 square meters. Buyers will work together with the architects and can built to their needs and specification. ( inquire for more info and possibilities.)


Villa E2 (optional and only available until the start of condo building E2)

Lot E2 is reserved for a 2 unit luxury condo building but can easily be used for a large residential villa without compromising the design of the residences. With its 990 square meters this plot can accommodate a stunning villa with a floor area of 200 to 300 square meters with or without private swimming pool.    



  villa waterfront beach resort estate                                                     Maayongtubig, 6217 Dauin                                                                 Negros oriental, philippines                                                                 Tel.: +63 (0) 939 39 38 745                                                                 e-mail: 

          Beach condo for sale Philippines 

       The Villa waterfront beach condos


  luxury beach condo for sale Philippines. This beach front condo will be constructed in villa waterfront beach residences in Dauin

 Luxurious two and three bedroom beach condos with a stunning view of the estate and the ocean. The villa waterfront beach condos will set new and not yet seen standards for condos in Negros Oriental. The condos will be constructed in the 3rd phase of the development.

  (Construction may start earlier, depending on the off plan demand and sales)

                                                More pictures

            Beach house for rent Philippines     

   Beach houses for rent in Villa waterfront                              (available by end 2014)

  beach house for rent located in the resort town of Dauin Philippines. The house is located in a beach retirement community

  Beach villa D2

Resort villa "ocean view D2" is set 200 meter from the beach. The beach house is built to western standards and and has all modern comfort and is available for short and long term rental.




 vacation beach house for rent in Dauin Philippines.

  Beach house G1

Resort villa "G1" is set 150 meter from the beach. The beach house is built to western standards and and has all modern comfort and is available for short and long term rental.


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